Lawn Mowing Prices Start at Only $25.00 per Mowing!

Having your lawn mowed weekly is the best solution for your lawn to avoid problems (diseases) and keep your lawn and property in top-notch condition. Our scheduled maintenance programs keep your property in first-class condition. We take pride in your lawn as if it was our own.

At Accu-Cutt we use the best equipment available to provide you with the best results! Each of our mowers is equipped with micro-mulch systems. Mulching, often called grass recycling by turf agronomists, is an excellent source of nutrients, reducing the amount and cost of fertilizer. When we mow your turf on a regular basis, clippings which are mostly water break down easily returning nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. Micro-mulch systems also prevent grass clippings from being thrown into flower beds and the chances of debris being discharged while mowing is greatly reduced. This in turn eliminates the chance of property damage in addition to persons, pets, and vehicles.